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Dentist: The Device M’T Teeth Extended Up To 24 Years

From 1 January 2018, young adults will receive a free visit to the dentist at age 21 and 24 years.

If you do not have children, you have probably never heard of meT teeth. Behind this acronym hides the full coverage by the Health Insurance of certain appointments of prevention at the dentist.

So far, the M’T Teens visits were reserved for children aged 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 years old. One month before their birthday, you receive an invitation letter from the Health Insurance for a dental prevention appointment.

But as of January 1st, young adults will also be able to benefit from additional visits fully covered by the Health Insurance. An order published on April 25 in the Official Journal set the age of these other appointments at 21 years and 24 years.

And If You Have To Care?

When the dentist discovers that the child or teenager needs additional care (caries and root treatment, scaling, furrow sealing, etc.), these are covered 100% by Health Insurance. This care must, however, be performed within nine months of the examination.

If your child is 6 or 12 years old: you benefit from the fee waiver, and you do not have money to advance.

If your child is 9, 15 or 18 years old: it is up to you to advance the fees, but you will be reimbursed quickly.

The extension of visits M’T teeth is aimed primarily at students who give up oral care for lack of financial means.

To Avoid Pneumonia, Take Care Of Your Teeth …

According to a new US study, going to the dentist regularly would help protect against pneumonia. A link not so far-fetched …

It may seem surprising, and yet! According to new research by Virginia Commonwealth University (in the United States), regular visits to her dentist would drastically reduce the risk of getting pneumonia …

Pneumonia is not an insignificant disease, especially in children: every year, this acute respiratory infection (which mainly affects the lungs) kills 1 million children under five worldwide – 1 victim every 20 seconds. In France, 500,000 people suffer from pneumonia each year: 16,000 dies. It is the second leading cause of nosocomial infection behind urinary tract infections.

The US researchers looked at the medical data of 26,246 people: they found that people who regularly checked at the dentist had about 86% less chance of developing pneumonia in their lifetime.

One Appointment Per Year Is The Minimum

A surprising link that is explained quite easily, according to Dr. Michelle Doll, who conducted this work: “our body is covered with microbes (bacteria, viruses, fungi …). Some are good for health; others are not. Sometimes bacteria can be accidentally inhaled and land in the lungs: this can lead to respiratory infections. Pneumonia is usually caused by Streptococcus, Haemophilus influenzae, Staphylococcus or other anaerobic bacteria. “

However, regularly going to the dentist can reduce the number of “bad bacteria” in the mouth … thus lowering the risk of developing pneumonia. CQFD!

The right frequency? An appointment every 12 months minimum. “It’s important to remember that everything in the body is interconnected: oral health is closely linked to respiratory health and cardiovascular health..…