Writing in the ATA Chronicle (February 2006), Martin Alianelli wrote that:

“…repeat business is reserved for translators who, besides being expert word and meaning craftsmen, have a personal commitment to service excellence.”

For me personally, the job doesn’t finish with the second or third read-through  after translation. I have a strong understanding of the theoretical nature of translation, and how to eradicate traces or “echoes” of the source grammar or syntax from the final translation, and having a diploma in advanced copyediting and proofreading for publishing (Dip. Publishing) I have an excellent grasp of all facets of the editing process, which is particularly important when editing other translators’ work. In addition to my own intellectual editing tools, I also use supplementary QC software, including PerfectIt (an editing macro in Word, which enables editing according to specific style guides, e.g. US English, EU English, UK English), and quality control work processes in some of my translation environments, such as the QC function in memoQ, which minimize the risk of preventable errors in a text.

I care about my work, up to and beyond the point at which it is delivered to the end client.